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It’s time to giggle, gossip, let your hair down and your jaw drop. My Happy Hour show chats up the latest in trends, friends, health, money, kids, and everything in between. My show is not exactly explicit, but it’s explicitly not for kids. I would never take my kids to happy hour with my besties and neither, should you! This is your guilt-free me time.

Happy Hour

Talkalicious You TubeCheers to this episode of Happy Hour! We chat about a variety of wives from the retro, submissive and wives getting year-end bonuses. Also is the show, scientists discover a way to change our memories and I’ll gross you out about that new outfit you just bought.




Happy Hour

Talkalicious You TubeCheers to this episode of Happy Hour! One woman takes revenge on her ex-husband while another woman goes after her family, and while it’s gross I’m not sure it warrants a possible 25-year jail sentence. Plus, technology is coming to your fitting rooms and some of the benefits are cool. I’m not sure about a video feed while I’m trying on clothes. 



Happy Hour

Talkalicious You TubeCheers! Lucky for me, the wedgies I gave my brothers did not kill them, but one man is not so lucky. In this episode, we chat about the many uses of baby powder, a new study about sex I don’t agree with and I admit I was wrong.






Happy Hour

Talkalicious You TubeCheers! It’s all about prom, cool kids and sports-gasms. In this episode, I also ask, “would you wanna know?” I discovered one sure fire way to get your baby daddy to volunteer in the classroom.  And giving a person the bird is just a tap away.





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