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It’s time to giggle, gossip, let your hair down and your jaw drop. My Happy Hour show chats up the latest in trends, friends, health, money, kids, and everything in between. My show is not exactly explicit, but it’s explicitly not for kids. I would never take my kids to happy hour with my besties and neither, should you! This is your guilt-free me time.

Happy Hour-No Hugs for Grandma and a Love Story

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! We chat about a new mindful way to think about your snacking. Also in the show, a doctor loses her license for lack of this skill, thanks to social media a wife catches her hubby cheating but how is freaky and couples waste hour over this? Plus the controversy of not hugging grandma, our eggs are not as passive as we thought, living longer, Amazon is disrupting the furniture industry, a love story to bring tears to your eyes.




Happy Hour-Wedding Rules and Babysitting

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Love and holiday shopping is in the air. We chat about the spending differences between men and women. We also chat about the going babysitting rates, not a mid-life crisis but a quarter life crisis and its real. Plus find out the best cities for dating, how we are eating these crackers all wrong, a lot of chocolate goes a long way for some people, the latest fashion trend that has your cheering. Lastly, I ask you... “what would you do”?




Happy Hour-Travel and Family

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Heading to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving you’re not alone. But good news when it comes to booking your hotel with a new icon TripAdvisor is adding to their website. Holidays and family go hand in hand and so should this less calorie wine because a drinky-drink can make those meals a little easier to swallow. We also chat about holiday decorations, bathing your children, a deadly cat, and a new high school stirring up controversy over its mascot that will have you giggling like a 9th grader.




Happy Hour-Your Flower and Not So Merry

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I’ve got a Motivational Monday story to ring tears to your eyes but in a good way. Nutella Gate is in full swing, but can you tell? We also chat about a couple of health trends you should NOT be doing, holiday music is not so merry and bright, and it’s time to pull out your Uggs, but should you?




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