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It’s time to giggle, gossip, let your hair down and your jaw drop. My Happy Hour show chats up the latest in trends, friends, health, money, kids, and everything in between. My show is not exactly explicit, but it’s explicitly not for kids. I would never take my kids to happy hour with my besties and neither, should you! This is your guilt-free me time.

Happy Hour-Side Hustle and Veggies

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Obesity is becoming a bigger problem as it spreads to this vulnerable population. We also chat about couple fights, a side hustle opportunity, if you’re up for it, Amazon again, another reason to get your kids to eat their veggies and I’ve got my panties in a ruffle.




Happy Hour-Arm Pits and What Not to Say

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I’m not sure about this latest tattoo craze, but it’s lightening up Instagram. We also chat about what not to a sick person, mommy shamming, doodling, and margaritas!




Happy Hour-Body Confidence and Smartphones

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour. We’re talking old-school tech, your kids, and their smartphones plus a new product to stop your tootsies from burning on the sand. Feeling good in your bathing suit is only 30 minutes away, and how much water you should really drink, there’s a formula for that. And are you a Netflix cheater?




Happy Hour-Weddings and Relationships

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Today show is about love, men’s bodies, latest wedding trends and playtime with your honey. Unfortunately, not all stories have a happy ending, but you’d be surprised as to why these couples are breaking up.




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