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It’s time to giggle, gossip, let your hair down and your jaw drop. My Happy Hour show chats up the latest in trends, friends, health, money, kids, and everything in between. My show is not exactly explicit, but it’s explicitly not for kids. I would never take my kids to happy hour with my besties and neither, should you! This is your guilt-free me time.

Bridal Dress 411

Bridal Dress 411Getting married or you know a bride-to-be, then you’ll want to listen to this podcast.  I interview Mary Rita Nommensen, owner of Sew Elegant Bridal Veils and Alterations.  Mary Rita worked in the New York fashion industry and she even taught Michael Kors how to sew.   Now, she transforms brides and their gowns into visions of beauty.  She shares her advice on getting the perfect gown and the unlimited possibilities for you and your dress.  If you’re interested in contacting Mary Rita, go to her website www.bakersfieldalterations.com

What you need to know about Divorce


Talkalicious D is for DivorceI call it the “D” word, divorce.  I once read somewhere most couples facing divorce will wait until after the holidays before filing.   But what should a woman know before making move?  For that I spoke with Sarah Vizzard, a Family Law Attorney in Bakersfield, she gives every woman a couple of things to think about before you head to an attorney’s office.  If you need an attorney, you can call Sarah at 661-487-2285

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