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My Sweet "16" Ride Became a Journey

My Sweet 16 Ride Became a JourneyWindows rolled down, wind whipping through my hair, Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me blasting through the speakers and me rockin' out as I cruise down Pacific Coast Highway getting to my favorite spot at the beach. This was the vision in my head as my 16th birthday approached. I didn’t care about a “Super Sweet 16” birthday party. I wanted a car, and I could smell the salt and sand every time I laid my head down on my pillow. The day was finally here, and my mom says, “I’ve got a surprise for you.” This is it. I’m getting my car. Nothing fancy. A car meant freedom. Freedom to go anywhere, anytime as long as I had my parents permission. I was giddy with anticipation. As I head towards the front door, my mom says, “no, up here.” What? My room? Leaping two steps at a time as I head up the stairs in high hopes of grabbing my new car keys, I open my bedroom door, to find my sweet 16 birthday surprise. A desk. Wait, did I get a desk? No car? My mom assured me I’d get more mileage out of my new desk then I would out any car. Not sure if I cried or even tried to hide my disappointment, I was 16. As my mom droned about the importance of this gift I continued to pout. I'm convinced this was my mom's not so subtle way of saying I needed to study more. As a typical teenager, I rebelled. In the beginning, I used my desk as a vanity. A place to store my hair products and make-up. Gradually it became so much more.

My desk has been in my life for thirty years. I’ve moved it and kept it passed it’s prime even when it didn't fit my style. But my mom was right. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out my desk. As the thought of getting rid of my desk passes in and out of my mind, I’m reminded of the miles I put on my old baby. The countless college papers I’ve written, including one-quarter I spent tens of hours analyzing each line of Hamlet, giving me a new found appreciation for Shakespeare’s writing and talent. This desk has seen it’s fair share of love notes, thank you notes, resumes, birth announcements, and Christmas letters. It also the place where my hubby wrote his dissertation and where I started my business. My desk has felt the splash of water as I spit from my mouth in laughter, tears from a broken heart, and vomit from my babies. Last weekend, I decided my desk is mine forever. Eyesore or not, it’s filled with more than office supplies, it’s filled with my life. But a coat of paint and some new hardware and my desk is ready for the rest of our journey. Do you think I can convince my teenagers they’ll get more mileage out a desk than a car? I’m going to try.

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Dating and Lies

Dating and Lies JpegRecently while watching the movie No Stings Attached; you know the one with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. I might add, I think Ashton is cute. Sorry, got off track, but I couldn’t help but think, "oh a man wrote this!"  Why you ask? Because of a line, Natalie Portman’s character says. “Why can’t we just have sex?” When does a woman make that declaration? I tell you when, when she’s trying to trap a man. Think about your profile on E-Harmony or Match.com or any other dating site if a woman makes a statement like that, men will start crawling out of the woodwork. It’s just like saying you love to watch sports, drink beer, licking his popsicle, and hate shopping. Please, how many men do you know love to take romantic walks on the beach, watch romantic comedies and love to snuggle, hold hands and shop? Whether it’s on a first date or an online dating website, these are all lines we used to find a partner in life. You should have seen me wrap my then future husband around my finger. I wore a Raiders football jersey, pretended to get excited when he gave me a Raiders baseball cap signed by Tim Brown and consoled him as the Phillies lost the World Series in 1993, thanks to Mitch Williams. I also went totally nuts over hanging out at his biology lab dissecting and looking into microscopes at creatures. Please, I'd rather go out dancing, play tennis, read a book or paint my nails. The things we do to impress our partners. My hubby was also guilty. He took me to every romantic movie, to the mall and even got a pedicure (once) with me. Guess what? A couple of years and kids later he doesn’t like romantic comedies or shopping. He tricked me too! So go ahead and tell me I’m wrong. I have yet to meet a woman who’s used just her body to get a man and have the relationship succeed. Okay, maybe for awhile. The reality of dating and life is, what you see, is what you get. Do yourself a favor and be the real you and take a good look see the person you’re dating. Honestly, I do love sports, and the biology thing is interesting, and my hubby knows Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.


Sorry Daddy, Size Does Matter

Size Matters Does Matter

This has been on my mind since I first heard about the study on the correlation between the size of a man’s testicles along with his testosterone level and his ability to be a nurturing father. Okay, great. A bunch of scientists decide to test men and release this information without really clarifying their finds. The two questions that keep popping up my mind...how big is big and is size relative to the rest of the toolbox? I’m starting to really appreciate my “back in the day” dating rules. Afraid of diseases and financial distress, I asked for a medical report and credit rating. This was not easy, but a girl needs to know what she’s getting in to. But now this? What are women supposed to do? Do we look for a handful, a naval orange’s worth or a couple of marbles? It’s irresponsible for scientists to release this kind of data and not give a guide to help women. I have to admit, checking his size would make me a bit uncomfortable. Here’s what I say. I don’t know how my hubby’s tangerines measure up, but I will tell you he’s a great dad. Women need to pay attention to how their man treats them. My theory has always been if the man loved me and treated me with respect then he would make a good father. So far, so good. It didn’t take an anthropologist’s study for me to figure this out, I did it on my own. With that being said, if you’re dating with the hopes of finding the perfect man, best friend and father, do it my way. Any man willing to give you the world instead of beating it up will probably turn out to be just the kind of father you want for your children. Don’t be so hard on your man, he’ll try his best even if he does it differently from you. Clothes that don’t match, dirty kids and using a remote control car to feed the baby is okay, your kids will turn out fine. In fact, if they’re anything like mine, they’ll spend their life with more smiles than tears.

A Pre-Teen Boy's Interpretation of Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress Jpeg

“Hollywood Red Carpet Style...Dress to Impress.” This was the headline on a recent flier for a junior high school dance. Have you seen the red carpet lately? Okay, the Oscar dress code is a little over the top for three hours of dancing on a gym floor. As a mom of boys with questionable grooming habits, what does this mean? Who do my boys look up to for fashion trends; Justin Beiber, Riff Raff, Lebron James, or PewDiePie? Don’t know PewDiePie? Ask your kid. I can tell you at this point, none of the above. Let’s be honest. This is an easy one for girls. Dress to impress says, “I get to buy a new outfit, curl my hair, and put on make-up.” But what about pre-teen boys? If left to their own devices, my older son would choose to wear his Tom Brady jersey, or better yet, his county science fair t-shirt. I can guarantee my younger son would opt for a t-shirt with a tuxedo printed on it. These are my choices. Of course, the school dress code is in effect; the jersey is out. So what do I buy for my boys to wear to a junior high dance? Nothing, because my boys don’t dance in public, are too shy to talk to girls, and are not interested in standing up against a wall all night watching their peers. How do I feel? Thankful. I hope they remain this shy until college.